Mother Accidentally Sends Her 5-Year-Old Kid To School With Vodka

Moms like to send their kids off to school with a nice, healthy, packed lunch. Normally included in the lunch is a drink of some sort. This is what happened to a little girl who opened her lunch, only to find a drink of another kind!

The Australian mom had asked her little one to help herself to a drink for her lunch box. Unfortunately, mom had not checked which drink the girl chose. On opening the lunchbox, the drink turned out to be a pouch of slushy vodka!

Mom was on the receiving end of a phone call from the school, about the contents of the lunchbox and had to admit that she had asked her daughter to select a drink herself. Not that she was blaming her daughter, the mom in fact felt very guilty about the incident.

To be fair on the child, the pouch did look exactly like her regular drink, so she is not to blame for choosing what looked like a nice, cold drink. Teachers did not see it that way, unfortunately.

After explaining how the incident had happened, the mom jokingly apologised for the fact that she had not included enough for all the staff, and fortunately they all saw the funny side of it. It was clear that mom did not send the vodka on purpose and that it had been a mistake.

“They were very good about it lol. I made light of it (it was obviously innocent on my daughter’s behalf). I apologised for not sending enough for the teachers and they just laughed thankfully,” said the mother.

Mom posted the incident on her social media page, saying that it was an ‘EPIC lunchbox fail’, when you ask your five year old to put a pouch in her box, and you forget that there are other pouches in the freezer!

So, while most moms feel guilty about sending a less than perfect apple in the lunchbox, moms the world over may be thankful that at least they sent the right juice for their children!

Source: Scary Mommy

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